Gathering Our Power

Date: Late spring 2017
Presenters: Amy Banks, MD; Judith V. Jordan, Ph.D.
Solarium, Stone Center, Wellesley College, 106 Central Street, Wellesley, MA

“Gathering Our Power” was a simple, participatory meeting rather than a more typical JBMTI institute or “talking heads” conference. The gathering did not include formal sessions, panels, posters, or other typical conference mechanisms. There was some structure and much sharing of experience as participants gather together to connect and think about how to contribute to clinical, social, and institutional progress. Facilitators came together with many questions, a desire to contribute, and a need to engender hope and action plans.

Following this informal structure, the gathering included minimal logistical support. With the help of a group of volunteers, the Content Committee generated a list of topics for discussion. These included: How do we deal with political issues in our clinical practices? How do we practice radical empathy in the midst of radical difference? What are the tools we need to hone to connect across difference? What does an attitude of learning look like?

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